About Bike Romance Heidelberg

Hi, I’m Felix, the founder of Bike Romance Heidelberg, and I want to share my passion for Heidelberg and cycling with you.

I first came to Heidelberg in 2007 at the age of 20 to study and, like so many before me, I lost my heart here. Heidelberg became my home and has been eversince. Even moving to London in 2015 and living there until 2021 didn’t change that. I did, however, discover my passion for cycling and tourism when I started working for the London Bicycle Tour Company as a tour guide for German and English speaking groups and later in a management position.

I want to use that in combination with my studies in education (to become a teacher for German language, political studies and history) to offer visitors of this beautiful city a unique experience. I believe that a guided tour on a bike is a fantastic (if not the best) way to discover and get to know a city.

I’m looking forward to having you on a tour!

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