Friends and partners

Friends and partners are networks and companies with which Bike Romance Heidelberg works together or with which cooperations exist. Some of them go back to long-standing friendships, others are completely new and fresh.

Guided tours with or without a bike

Cycle Cities

Cycle Cities

The Cycle Cities network is an partnership of independent cycle tour operators through which we support each other by organising meetings, exchanging experiences and cross-promotion.

Maximum Londinium

Here you can find highly recommended guided tours of London in French, including a Jack The Ripper or Jack l’Eventreur tour.

Visit London’s East End

Also highly recommended tours in London’s East End!

Web Design

Hewing Studios

Tasteful artistic designs with great attention to detail. Braden LuBell (Managing Director) is exceptional at finding the essence of what you envision, even if you don’t yet know exactly what that should actually look like. The Bike Romance Heidelberg logo is also their design!

Partners in the travel industry


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